About Company

HANSE AGRI UKRAINE Limited Liability Company is a trading enterprise with foreign investments on the agricultural market of Ukraine. The Company is the entity of both domestic trade and foreign economic activities.

Our structure

    The Company was established in 2017 by the founders of powerful and successful industrial, agricultural and trading enterprises such as:

  • GUALA CLOSURES UKRAINE LLC and GUALA PACK UKRAINE LLC are Ukrainian representatives of world leaders in packing materials production and are part of international groups Guala Closures Group and Guala Pack Group.
  • TECHNOLOGIA JSC is one of the leaders in packing materials production in the territory of Ukraine.
  • VITCHYZNA LLC, SEVERYNIVSKA Farming Company LLC and TURIANSKA Farming Company LLC are modern and successful agricultural enterprises in Sumy region.
  • SAT LLC is a trading and investing company and one of the leaders of grain traders in Sumy region.

Companies of the group have sustainable high level of financial stability and trust of partners.

Possible areas of cooperation

    HANSE AGRI UKRAINE is ready to consider the following options of cooperation with agricultural and grain trading companies:

  • purchase and sale of grain crops, oilseeds and legume crops (corn, wheat, soybeans, sunflower seeds);
  • mineral fertilizers supply;
  • advance of agricultural enterprises on the security of movable and immovable property or future harvest (agricultural receipts).
  • personal manager assistance provision for the complex support of direct export contracts to the EU and the Middle East.

Our values

Our main values of business conduct and cooperation with partners are openness, equality, respect and responsibility. Following these values, HANSE AGRI UKRAINE is committed to build strong and long-term relationships with companies, both national and international, in order to achieve common success and sustainable development of the entire agricultural sector of Ukraine.

Annual reports