HANSE AGRI UKRAINE offers delivery of mineral fertilizers AgroSupra S (calcium sulfate). AgroSupra S (calcium sulfate) – Calcium-sulfur fertilizer with CaO content – 30%, SO3 – 42%, which is easily accessible for plants and is aimed at improving the quality and increase the yield, as well as improving the condition of the soil. Country of origin – Poland.

Sulfur in AgroSupra affects the level of protein, fats, gluten in your harvest. It also improves the plant’s absorption of nitrogen fertilizers from the soil, helps to dissolve phosphorus to easily accessible forms for plants and increases the availability of potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron to plants. Calcium in AgroSupra S enhances metabolism, improves soil condition, neutralizes heavy metals, increases the heat resistance of plants, provides a good development of the root system.

The combination of sulfur and calcium in the AgroSupra S product will provide you with high quality harvests, as well as their absolute increase.We are sure that AgroSupra S is an instrument of a modern agronomist to increase profits!

AgroSupra S Commercial Offer